Thank You

Thank you is the only word that overflows into my heart.
Thank you is the only precious gift that i can give you worthy.
Thank you is the only way that i can show you, that you are highly appreciated.
 Thank you is the only thing that shows the world  how much you have a golden heart, 
once that i whisper this words in to your ears ,
it can easily created a smile in your lips. 

Now  my heart confessed into this white paper through out my poet's tongue,
How much I am Lucky to have you in my life.
How much you bring sunshine in every morning I have.
Why this two simple words, Do I need to whisper you every morning.
Why do I need to iterate more times to you to say this " two sweet words"
every time you light up my feelings.

Now You know, Why did I need to say this to you
Because I have more luck than a billionaire...to have you.
Because You are my Sunshine in my morning.
Because you deserved to hear this "two sweet words", because you have a good heart.
Because  your personality contributes a deep meaning in this word.
Its Simply because you are.

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