I do not pretend to be as good
Simply showing the way it should
I`ve made it clear to where I stood
But all the time they misunderstood.

I`ve shown them beauty, madness and reality
But what they`ve done is purely stupidity
Learning toward some people insanity
Dictates them softly of something unworthy

People who don`t care about people
In everything they do, they won`t be able
When they walk, their feet above their heads
As If I where you, I just wish I was dead

Some damn people are holding some rights
With their crazy puppets on their sides
Asking their background of credibility
A truthful fact of greedy and immorality

In a short period of observing at them
Looks like I’m watching some hilarious film
No word can describe them perfectly
But I tell you now, they are threat to everybody.